How to send your Catawiki batch with Packlink PRO

Selecting Packlink PRO as a delivery method for your Catawiki sales is established in step 3 "delivery costs" of the batch creation process on Catawiki.
To be able to send your items to be sold on Catawiki with Packlink PRO, first you need to select "pre-calculated delivery costs" in step 3 "delivery costs", every time you publish a batch on sale:


Here select your preferred transportation company or all of them. All of them will be offered to the final buyer when the auction is finished. If you don’t have a Packlink PRO account or if you do have one but it’s not connected to your Catawiki account, you will be able to create and/or connect both accounts. Please consult the following article: Connect Your Catawiki Account with Packlink PRO

Complete your batch, make it public and wait for it to sell!

As usual, when an auction is over and one of your batch items has been sold and paid for by the buyer, you will need to go to "my sold batch items":





You will be able to select "Paid" status on the menu that you’ll find on the left side in order to confirm the batch items that you wish to send:




Click on each one of the paid orders to be able to see the details below. These details will show you the delivery service selected by the buyer, next to the label "delivery service",  and a button "Ship with Packlink PRO":


Click on the button "Ship with Packlink PRO" for all orders which appear paid on Catawiki and will be imported into your account. A new window will then appear to log on to Packlink PRO and they will appear automatically:


Use the "Access" button that you’ll find on the top right hand side to log in and you will see the new orders automatically created with all the details they had on Catawiki (If it’s your first time using Packlink PRO, we will ask you to fill in some user details) :

To get the shipping labels on Packlink PRO, just click on each one of the imported orders, complete the purchase and download the label.
Some tips to complete your shipping orders on Packlink PRO:
  • On Packlink PRO, all the orders imported from Catawiki are marked with the 3-letter code "CAT"
  • On Packlink PRO, click on orders with "Pending" status to complete them and get the shipping labels. You can use the filter on the left side to view these orders.
  • Usually all the orders imported from Catawiki must be ready for purchase, so all you have to do is click on each one of them and proceed with the payment.

After generating a shipping label for a Catawiki order on Packlink PRO, Catawiki will be notified and you will be able to check the tracking information for the shipment on Catawiki:



If for any reason you can’t track on Catawiki and you keep getting the same message a few days after shipping, you will be able to click on the link to enter the tracking details manually:




A few days after the order has been processed, Catawiki will transfer the total fees of the transaction. If you’ve published your batch with the "Buyer pays for the shipment" option, the amount charged by Catawiki will include the shipment costs paid by the buyer.

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