Connect your Catawiki account with Packlink PRO

You only need to do this process once. The connection between Catawiki and Packlink Pro can only be established by creating the batch on Catawiki once you’ve registered as a seller.

Start publishing a new batch/sale by clicking on the corresponding button on Catawiki. Then complete the sales details which will be requested for steps 1 and 2 of the creation process.

For step 3 "delivery costs", make sure you select "delivery costs already calculated". If your Catawiki account isn’t connected to a Packlink PRO account, you will be asked if you want to create a new Packlink PRO account and connect it to your Catawiki account:


Click on "Next step"and a window will pop up so that you can accept the terms and conditions of Packlink PRO:



Click on "Accept" and your Packlink PRO account will be automatically created using the email address you registered with on Catawiki. It’s important that you check your inbox where you’ll find 2 emails from Packlink PRO: one to create your password and another to activate your account. Follow these simple instructions and complete these steps!
If you already have a Packlink PRO account with your Catawiki email address and you wish to connect it to Catawiki, the process will be exactly the same. However, after accepting Packlink PRO’s terms and conditions, Catawiki will detect that your email address already exists on Packlink PRO and it will ask you to specify your Packlink PRO API key:



All you have to do is get your API key on Packlink PRO, copy it and paste it, and your Catawiki account will be connected properly.

Now you will be able to send all your items sold on Catawiki with Packlink PRO!
If you want to find out how to send your Catawiki sales with Packlink PRO, check the following article:How to Send your Catawiki Batch with Packlink PRO.
If you don’t know how to get the Packlink PRO API key, please consult the following article to find out how to generate and/or copy your API key: How to Generate an API Key on PRO
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