Importing Orders from CSV

which specifies in the tutorial that a full stop must be used as a separator and not a comma.


At Packlink PRO we would like to make logistics the least of your problems; therefore, we do everything we can so that the contracting process and shipment is done in the quickest, easiest and simplest way possible. 

If you have a high volume of procurement and you want to save time, one of the best ways to process your shipments is to import them using a CSV file. 

It’s really simple: 

1. Click on "Add Shipment" and select "Import CSV"

2. A window will automatically open so that you can attach an Excel file which contains all the shipments you wish to process. It’s very important that you download the example (attached) available so that it is imported correctly. Each comma, full stop, character and space is important. It must have the same format as the example.  It’s extremely important that you use a full stop "." as a separator because if you use a comma there will be an error.

3. Finally, download the file you’ve created with all your orders. The orders will appear in your ‘Pending’ folder automatically and all you have to do is complete them to finalise the process


Remember that you can complete all the orders through our autocomplete tool. You can find more information in the help article Autocomplete Orders




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