What happens if I send a prohibited item?

If you send a prohibited item, it may be withheld and even destroyed.

There are a number of items that cannot be transported by any of our services.

These refer to those objects whose circulation is not allowed according to national or international laws applicable for
safety, public health, general utility and service protection reasons.

The content you indicate when contracting your shipment is not audited, nor does PackLink handle the goods at any time, so you are the one who is mainly responsible for ensuring your shipment meets the regulations.

If collected, the transportation company can retain the goods at any national or international point to wait for the customer to pick them up. In this sense Packlink can not collaborate in the resolution of the incident, given that none of the companies published by the search engine accept these types of items. Packlink will charge the contractor of the shipment for any additional costs that may be caused by such incidents (storage, destruction at a recycling centre, etc.).

Packlink will not accept claims for delays in delivery or any resulting costs that may result in the blocking of the goods, or even their destruction.

In addition to the items listed, both those prohibited and excluded from insurance coverage, each transportation agency may have its own limitations in addition to those already mentioned, so we recommend reviewing the general conditions of service of the transportation company chosen (available before the end of the contracting process).

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