Address sheet

The address sheet is an optional identification document which we provide for you in the Aftersales area. 

We say that it is optional, since it is not obligatory to print it, but it is highly recommended because it collects all the destination data and your Packlink shipping number.

If you are unable to print the Address Sheet, you can manually identify the package taking into account the following conditions:


  • Write in capital letters
  • Write the recipient’s full details*

*Name, surname, company (if any), full address (street, number, staircase, floor, door, etc.)

  • Write your Packlink shipping number (ES...)


Please note that it is absolutely necessary that the goods are sent with the sender’s details indicated, even if the service does not require a printer. 

Imagine that the label comes off your shipment during the handling process and has no other identifying data. If you have placed the address sheet or followed our advice to identify your goods, there is a greater chance of locating it if it gets lost.

Similarly, if the goods are collected without any type of identification, the transportation company has to re-label them in the warehouse and can do it incorrectly, meaning that your shipment is delivered to another destination.




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