Reschedule Collection

My shipment hasn’t been collected What can I do?

If your package hasn’t been collected, you can reschedule collection again.

 Why wasn’t my package collected?

The reasons why a transportation company may not pick up the shipment on the due date are:

  • Driver off route: the driver has reached their limit of daily hours on the distribution route, this may be caused by delays in traffic, collections or deliveries with waiting time, etc.
  • Unforeseen circumstances A police investigation, works on the motorway or events such as traffic hold-ups.
  • Reservation error: the transportation company’s computer system has failed and the collection has not been made on the established date.

To reschedule a collection click on this link:


Pay attention:


  • Select reschedule collection again.
  • In the comments indicate the new collection date.  
  • Collections are always managed on a day to day basis, excluding weekends and holidays.
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