Can I change the order information once the service is contracted?

Changes cannot be made once the service has been paid for. 

However, before completing the shipment ("Ready to complete" status you’ll see it in your Pending inbox) and proceeding to payment, you’ll see a small summary of the shipment’s basic information:

  • Basic information (origin and destination postcode, weight and dimensions)

  • Transport company and service

  • Shipment details (Complete information of the origin and destination, contents and value of the goods)

Under these three options, you’ll see the button "Change", where you will be able to see the information entered and change what you wish. :) 


If after receiving the confirmation of your order you find any errors with it, contact us through your Packlink.PRO personal area to cancel the service, so you can contract a new one with the correct information.

Cancelling the service is really easy, you just need to access the shipment (see details)

Within the details, in the upper right section you will find the option:



Please note that when you click on the cancel option, the shipment is not automatically cancelled. We receive a request and we must arrange the cancellation with the carrier, so you will not see the change of status in your panel immediately until the arrangement has been made.


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