Volumetric weight: What is it and how is it calculated?

Volumetric weight is a metric system used to calculate the cost of a shipment based on the volume of the package sent.

Why? It’s really easy, do you think a kilo of iron occupies the same amount of space as a kilo of straw? They weigh the same, but the volume is different, right?

This measurement attempts to standardise the cost of shipments where the size is proportionally greater than the actual weight; i.e., it refers to the space occupied by the goods in a delivery vehicle.

How do you find out the volumetric weight? Using the following formula :

(Length x Width x Height)/N*

*The value of "N" will vary depending on each transport company. 

Don't worry, at Packlink we automatically calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment by comparing it with the actual weight, and we use the one that’s highest to prepare your quote, just like all transportation agencies do.

Do you want to calculate it yourself? Access here



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