If my shipment exceeds the size or weight, will it still be delivered?

To contract your shipment, you need a tape measure and a scale so that when you enter the information in the shipment search, you find the types of services that fit your needs.

If the weight or volume isn’t accurate, several things may happen, none of which are pleasant:

  • The transportation company will be able to refuse the collection if the difference is evident.
  • Your shipment may be withheld at the facilities of the transport company. If this happens, we will contact you to provide you with the available information and options according to your case (payment of an extra charge, return to origin, collection at the transportation company’s facilities).
  • You should bear in mind that some transportation companies transport the goods regardless of the contracted information and afterwards they invoice Packlink with the service based on the weight/dimensions audited by their scanner during transit. For this reason, when they submit the invoice to us and there is a discrepancy in weight/dimensions we put the charge through to your account (the maximum term for us to create this type of charge is 1 year from the contracting of the service). Please be informed that this type of charge cannot be rectified unless the error is proved via images of the affected package where the label of the transportation company and the dimensions (height, length and width) are shown using a tape measure and weighing using a scale.

At Packlink we are aware of the difference that may occur when weighing on a household scale or on an industrial one, so we understand that there could be a small margin of error.

However, please note that Packlink bills based on the values you provide, and the differences in price that arise for this reason will be claimed from you. Furthermore, remember that there are maximum weight values and dimensions for each transportation agency and type of service (view here) , so it is necessary for the information to be as accurate as possible. 

If the shipment exceeds the weight or maximum volume of the contracted service, it will not be able to travel to its destination and you will probably have to collect the goods from the transportation company’s facilities.

Don’t have a scale at home? Try borrowing one from someone, or going to a pharmacy instead.




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