What’s the period to start a claim?

If your shipment has arrived damaged , you must bear in mind that both insurance companies and transport companies have deadlines to process a claim.

Ideally, you should present your claim as soon as the shipment has arrived (in the case of obvious damage, it is essential to detail it on the proof of delivery) or as soon as they confirm that the shipment is definitively missing (loss). If for any reason you cannot do it at that time (for example the damages were not evident), bear in mind that you will have to present the claim before the end of the established number of days, which are detailed below:

  • Domestic land transport: 7 days 
  • International land transport: 7 days
  • Domestic air transport: 10 days
  • International air transport: 14 days
  • Domestic sea transport: 24 hours
  • International sea transport: 3 days

Bear in mind that these periods are expressed in calendar days.

If your shipment is unfortunately delayed, or if you think that it has gotten lost in transit, the claim period is 21 days from the planned delivery date, irrespective of the means of transport used.

Here are some practical examples:

Loss/Delay: if you contracted a shipment with an estimated transit of 3-5 days and it was collected on day 1 (Friday), its expected delivery date is estimated for day 8, therefore claims as a result of loss or delay must be made before day 29.


Broken goods (non-apparent damage): if delivery of the shipment was made on day 1, the maximum period ends on day 8.

Broken goods (apparent damage): the claim must be made at the time of delivery by leaving a written record on the delivery note.


Remember that the claim must always be made by the contractor of the shipment as detailed in ‘The 5 essential requirements to submit a claim’ from the mail account with which you contracted the service and within the deadlines. Otherwise, unfortunately it will be rejected.

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