Are the labels mandatory?

Yes, you need a printer, but not for all the services.

You’ll differentiate between them by the notice: "Requires a printer", for example: 

Some transportation agencies label the goods in the warehouse, so it will not be strictly necessary for you to have a printer to contract them, but it’s definitely recommended.



Remember! This doesn’t mean that the goods can travel without identification, but you can create your own document or even handwrite it (written in a legible way and in capital letters including the recipient’s information and the Packlink ES***** shipment number).

Whether you have contracted a service that requires a printer (mandatory label) or a service that doesn’t require one, don’t forget to always ask for your collection note as this is proof that the transportation company has taken the goods. 

Every transportation company that works with us has their own tracking number associated with the Packlink reference and all the information related to the shipment.

In order to track the shipment, you need to use the mandatory label and stick it to the goods, and for that you need a printer.

It doesn’t matter if you use adhesive paper or normal paper, but you must ensure that the label is stuck on correctly and that you don’t cover the barcode with sellotape (it could cause a problem when being scanned).

If you’ve used the label correctly you will also be able to use tracking on the transportation company’s website. If you want to find out how, click here: Tracking my shipment 

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