Packaging my crockery

If you want to send your crockery, you should bear in mind that it needs special protection because it is so fragile.

We recommend that you follow these tips to prepare your shipment correctly. You'll need a roll of kraft paper or bubble wrap, thick packing tape, and a new corrugated cardboard box. Follow these steps for the ideal packaging:

  • Close the bottom of the box with packing tape, following the direction of the opening or closing line. Keep in mind that crockery is generally heavy, so be sure to seal the bottom seal tightly so that it does not give way to the weight and to ensure that the goods don’t fall and break.
  • Prepare a kind of mattress with kraft paper on the bottom of the box
  • Separate the dishes and individually wrap them with kraft paper or bubble wrap.
  • Place the dishes vertically
  • Fill in all empty spaces with more kraft paper so that they do not move
  • Close the box with packing tape in the same area as the opening or closing line.

If you have already finished, you can measure and weigh the package to compare services and save shipping with Packlink.


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