I want them to collect several packages in the same order. Is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible in two ways:

  1. Contracting two or more packages for the same recipient. Select the option ‘+More packages’ and indicate the weight and measurements for each one.
  2. strong>If you contract several shipments and all of them are with the same transportation agency and have the same date and collection address

If you deliver a package to a courier from another company, PackLink will have no control over the goods shipped and we will not be able to track it.

The couriers organise the collection and delivery routes by zones to optimise time as much as possible, so if they receive several different orders from the same address for the same day, they will take advantage of this and collect all packages.

Please note that the courier will only pick up all packages if they have the order on their PDA. What does this mean? This means that if you have several collections that are already contracted, but for different days, the courier will only take the packages that need to be collected on that same day.

If the goods are delivered on a date prior to collection, bear in mind that the transit time will start from the contracted collection date, as the carrier will not have the collection order to start the transit. We recommend that you do not deliver the goods before the scheduled collection date, even if the driver agrees to pick them up, as not having an associated collection order for that date may lead to incidents and mix ups of goods (especially for international shipments re-labelled by the transportation companies).
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