Can I cancel a shipment after payment has been made?




If after receiving the confirmation of your order you need to cancel, contact us through your Packlink.PRO personal area to cancel the service.

Keep in mind that you have a withdrawal period (15 days from the date of contracting the service):


Cancelling the service is really easy, you just need to access the shipment (see details)

Within the details, in the upper right section you will find the option:



You must take into account that when you click on the cancel option, the shipment is not automatically cancelled. We receive a request and we must arrange the cancellation with the carrier, so you will not see the change of status in your panel immediately until the arrangement has been made.
If you have printed the label of the shipment you have requested to cancel, you must make sure to remove it to avoid confusion.


 If you have paid with a debit card, the period is from 3 to 7 days from the moment we reverse the order, this occurs at the moment we confirm the cancellation. If it is a credit card, Packlink gives the order in the same period but you may not see it in your account until the settlement date is negotiated with your bank.

 If you have paid with Paypal, the period is 3 to 7 days from when we reverse the order. If you’ve opened a PayPal dispute, the process will last until the payment platform resolves the dispute. We recommend that if you have done this, close the dispute so that we can process the refund from Packlink.

If you have deferred payment (every 15 days) or you pay by direct debit, you will receive the payment in the next billing cycle.

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