Install your WooCommerce module in 5 steps

1/ Register on Packlink PRO

2/ Generate your API key on Packlink PRO

3/ Download the module in the Wordpress plugins catalogue

4/ Install the plugin in your Wordpress account

5/ Configure the plugin

6/ Configure the shipping services and price policy

7/ Use the module


1/ Register on Packlink PRO:

2/ Generate your API key on Packlink PRO

Go to the Settings section in the upper right-hand corner.

Then click on ‘Packlink PRO API key’ located in the left menu and create your API key.


3/ Download the module in the Wordpress plugins catalogue

Click on and download the free Packlink plugin in zip format.

4/ Install the plugin in your Wordpress account.

1. Go to the back office of your Wordpress account.

2. Click on "Add new" then click on the button "Upload Plugin" in the plugins section of your Wordpress account.

3. Upload the zip file of the Packlink plugin.


5/ Configure the plugin

a. Click on "Packlink" in the WooCommerce > Settings section of your Wordpress account.

b. Copy and paste your API key from Packlink PRO and click on "save changes".

The module is now functioning. All the orders you make in your shop will automatically be exported to the Packlink PRO platform



6/ Configure the shipping services and price policy

Access the basic settings of Packlink PRO through your WooCommerce > Packlink PRO menu

Select the parameters you wish to configure:

You can configure the weight and dimensions of several packages and even give them a name on Packlink PRO to streamline the contracting process .



  • Default addresses: If you have several collection addresses (warehouse, home, office, etc) Packlink PRO makes it easy for you.

You can save your main address in the Packlink PRO settings in your WooCommerce account. On Packlink PRO you can also add up to a maximum of 8. To do so, click on "Pre-defined addresses" on Packlink PRO which is located on the left hand menu in the Settings section.



  • Delivery services: Choose the service types that you will offer to your customers, classified by destination (national/international), transit time (economic/express) or simply choose the services of your favourite transportation companies.

You can choose a price policy for your customers if you wish to obtain a % of the margin with respect to the Packlink price or establish prices based on weight or value of the purchase.

All this information will be synchronised with your WooCommerce shop and it will simplify the management of your services on Packlink PRO 




7/ Use the module


If you’ve already completed all the previous steps, you can now start using the module!

From now on, when a new order has been paid for or when the payment has been accepted by you, the orders will automatically be imported into your Packlink PRO account, so Packlink PRO will always be updating with the orders that are ready for shipping in WooCommerce. To send these orders, access Packlink PRO where you will see these orders in the list of shipments. All you have to do is review the information of your orders and finalise them with the payment.

Please remember that when a buyer has made multiple orders from your WooCommerce shop, only one shipment will be imported into Packlink PRO. Only you will be able to decide how the packages should be sent, as one shipment or in several. As the image below shows, Packlink PRO allows you to add several packages for the same shipment:




If you want to view the configuration guide step by step, watch this video and in just 2 minutes you will be able to easily manage all of your orders.

Now you’re ready to send your WooCommerce orders with Packlink PRO!



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