Can you ship to Latin America?

Yes! Of course you can ship to Latin America.

You must carefully consider that Latin American countries have very restrictive export and import policies (type of goods, value, etc.)


We always recommend that you visit the customs office website of the country you want to ship to before contracting the service so that you will know what you can and can’t send.

For all shipments to Latin America, you need to attach a Customs Invoice.

There are many products that, in addition to being accompanied by the customs invoice, must include some kind of additional documentation (dual-use letter, non-hazard certificate, a letter from the living artist, clearance authorisation, etc.)

You should also bear in mind that the price that PackLink PRO offers when contracting the service does not include customs taxes or other expenses that may arise at the destination.

Listed below are the links to the main customs offices.

We hope that you find it useful. :) 


. Argentina
. Belize
. Bolivia
. Brazil
. Chile
. Colombia
. Costa Rica
. Cuba
. Ecuador
. El Salvador
. Guatemala
. Honduras
. Jamaica
. Mexico
. Nicaragua
. Panama
. Paraguay
. Peru
. Dominican Republic
. Trinidad and Tobago
. Uruguay
. Venezuela

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