Tracking Not Available

The main reason that your Packlink PRO reference doesn’t return tracking results is because the shipment hasn’t been collected. This is normal so you shouldn’t worry if the page doesn’t show any information when you enter the number.

As you know, the use of labels for the services required is mandatory, not documenting the package is another reason as to why you will not be able to track it.

Some transportation companies operate in other countries through third parties, creating a new international tracking number, and for this reason the tracking may not update in real time. If it’s been two working days since the collection and you don’t have updated tracking, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lastly, remember that we’re an online platform. In other words, at PackLink we all need Internet and it’s normal that the system fails sometimes and we can’t offer tracking... As you know, no one is perfect. ;)

If your shipment has been collected and you have stuck on the labels, Packlink PRO will function correctly and if your tracking number still doesn’t return results, as always we will assist you with a smile through the Help Portal


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