What does incident mean?

When there’s a possibility that the shipment doesn’t comply with the conditions established in the contracting process, for example in the transit time, then this is considered as a transport incident.

The incidents that can arise during shipping are not directly attributable to Packlink because, as you know, we don’t handle the goods. They usually occur during the transit of goods by the transportation agencies. The most common are: breakdowns or accidents with the vehicle on roads, motorways and restricted access roads, excess of goods, etc.

There are other types of incidents that are directly attributable to the sender or the recipient, such as: 

  • Absence at the origin or recipient address
  • Incomplete/incorrect address
  • Rejected (the person who is there when the courier arrives doesn’t take charge of the goods; this person doesn’t necessarily have to be the recipient)
  • Insufficient or inadequate packaging
  • Missing labels or ambiguous labelling
  • Missing documentation for customs management (invoice, dual use letter, exportation permits, etc.)
  • Missing contact number
  • Missing contact number of the country where the collection or delivery takes place. (In the event of an incident, the transportation company will only call local numbers)

In particular, these types of incidences can be avoided so that the shipment arrives in perfect conditions and in the anticipated time.

If you don’t want your shipment to experience these types of incidents, you can consult these articles that will be of great use to you:

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