Automatically fill in the weight and dimensions of your products in your PrestaShop catalogue.

From your PrestaShop back office, you can assign each product in your catalogue a weight and package dimension. All you have to do is go to the ‘Catalogue’ section of the menu on the left, click on ‘Products’, and select a product. Then click on ‘Transport’ on the menu on the left and fill in the fields with the package’s weight and dimensions.


When the orders are imported from Packlink PRO, this information will be automatically filled in. If the information has not been previously entered into the PrestaShop product catalogue, the weight and dimension fields will appear empty in Packlink PRO and you will have to enter them manually.


If during the module configuration you activate the option "Automatically fill in the product dimensions", all the information (weight and dimensions) that you include manually in Packlink PRO will also be imported into your PrestaShop catalogue. Therefore, next time you send this product, you will already have the weight and dimension information saved. 



Remember, before contracting a shipment, check the weight and measurements of the package, because if the transportation company collects the goods and there are differences between the weight and volume that you have indicated (even with predefined packages), Packlink will charge your account for the difference in weight 

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