How do you contact Customer Service?

You can contact Customer Service through the Help Portal, by sending an email, through the online chat, or by first consulting the expandable support chat that you will find in the lower left margin of your screen.

Our agents will be happy to help you. :) 

Help Portal:

Once you fill in the Help Portal form, a request will automatically be created in our system and you will receive an answer by email as soon as possible.

We recommend that you follow the conversation thread, responding on the same request (if your query refers to the same shipment) to keep a history of the information. If you send us different requests for the same shipment, our response may be slowed down as we will have to collect the information and process it in a single request.

Live Chat:

You can instantly contact an agent to make your query, however, if you have already sent us a request via the Help Portal we will attend to your case as soon as possible by responding via email.

We know how important the shipment is for you, but remember that if your query requires that we request information from the transportation company, the response may not be immediate. We will work on your case to resolve it as soon as possible.

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