New international regulation for lithium batteries

As of 1 January, 2019, an important change has come into effect in the Air Transport Regulation (IATA DGR) which affects the shipping of lithium batteries.

This change means that the identifying labels from the previous regulation will no longer be accepted:


* At the bottom, you had to indicate a contact number in case of emergency


As of 1 January, 2019, only the new labels will be accepted : 



Next to the first asterisk (*) you will have to indicate the UN number (classification for transport) corresponding to the battery.

  • UN 3091 corresponds to metal lithium batteries installed in equipment and metal lithium batteries packed with equipment.
  • UN 3481 corresponds to lithium-ion batteries installed in equipment or lithium-ion batteries packed with equipment.

Next to the two asterisks below (**) you will have to provide an emergency contact number. 


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