Install your Magento module

Next we will outline the steps to easily install the Packlink PRO module on Magento.


1. Download the free Packlink PRO app from


2. Once downloaded and installed, the app will generate your public and private keys.


3. Open your Magento back office and go to System > Web setup Wizard > Extension Manager, and connect your Magento Marketplace account by copying and pasting the keys generated in the previous step.



 4. To connect your shop to Packlink PRO, click Sales > Packlink PRO. At the same time, open the Packlink PRO website and generate your API key to enter it into the module.






Once connected, configure your basic settings:

  • Default package
  • Default address
  • Transport services



Remember that you can configure your pricing policy according to your needs:

  • Prices according to Packlink prices
  • % of Packlink price
  • Fixed price based on total weight
  • Fixed price based on total order price


You can now send orders from your Magento shop with Packlink PRO!







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