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Have you recently bought a product from a Chinese store and you’re not satisfied with the purchase? Don’t worry, you can send your shipment to China using Packlink PRO!

Pay attention to this advice to avoid potential inconveniences with the shipment:

  • Read the returns policy of the company from which the purchase has been made. 
  • If the return policy isn’t clear for you, check directly whether the item seller accepts returns will all transport companies. If they don’t, find out which company it uses for returns and whether it requires a particular process (own return label, etc.)
  • If there’s no issue with the transport company or any special requirement to return the product to the seller, check the complete delivery address with them. 
  • Ask for the address in English as Chinese characters are not accepted by all transportation company systems.
  • Ask for a valid contact number and email address.
  • Confirm with the recipient that they will take care of the taxes or duties at the destination, otherwise you’ll have to take care of them. 

Once you have all the information and the seller has confirmed with you that there is no issue in making the delivery on your account, pay attention to the documentation that you will have to provide the Customs Office:

  1.    Photocopy of your DNI (Spanish National Identity Card)/NIE (Foreigners’ Identity Card)/Passport, as appropriate. 
  2.    Customs invoice

Don’t forget to correctly describe the item(s) on the customs invoice as well as the value, even if the seller tells you otherwise. If customs discovers that the declared value or the product description doesn’t correspond to the truth, they may withhold your shipment and there may be a significant delay. It may also be confiscated.

If you need information about customs in China, you can visit their website in English here.

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