Export controls and sanctions

Sending shipments to certain destinations is regulated by export controls and international sanctions that may be in force due to the type of product, the country of origin or the destination country, or other parties who operate in the transaction.

Although PACKLINK currently serves most countries that are subject to international sanctions, we will only deliver shipments that comply with the regulations and sanctions imposed by the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and other countries.

Denied parties

The denied-party lists are part of international regimens and international export control requirements. Packlink doesn’t accept shipments from people or entities registered as denied parties.

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Strategic products

Strategic products or goods are military or dual-use materials that can be used for both miliary and civil purposes. PACKLINK doesn’t classify strategic products as that’s the responsibility of the exporter. Our service capabilities vary locally, but each case always requires clear information about the licences to be applied. 

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Sanctioned destinations

In order to adhere to international sanctions, PACKLINK has suspended a service or some of its services, or even implemented additional measures for shipping to these destinations. Below you will be able to find a country-by-country summary of each situation.

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The European Union and the United States have imposed sanctions on Russia. In order to operate in Russia in compliance with the regulation, PACKLINK applies the following measures:

- Military goods will not be transported to/from Russia.
- Goods that are ‘dual-use’ (civil but can also be used for military purposes) will not be able to be exported to Russia for military purposes.
- The goods listed in the ‘Oil & Gas’ list which are related to equipment will need a licence to be able to be accepted for export to Russia. 

-Only exports between companies, NOT individuals, are accepted

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