Prove the Value of the Damage or Loss: Purchase invoice

To make a claim for loss for damage, just like any other insurance (house, car, etc.) documentation is required: the commercial invoice (purchase/sale) of the transported goods or the purchase receipt. 

The invoice is important for the insurance company because it’s the most concrete proof of the value of the goods. The invoice requirements are:

  • The document must detail the following: invoice number, the seller’s Tax Identification Number (NIF/CIF), tax information, description of the product sold and a breakdown of taxes, if exempt it must also be mentioned.
  • It will always need to reflect details consistent with the sender and/or recipient in such a way that it shows that the goods are property of one of the parties involved in the shipment. (Except for in the case of purchase/cashier receipts)

It’s a document which is essential to be able to submit a claim for damage or loss, but in cases where there is no invoice, or if the invoice date is older than 60 days (the Additional Coverage will not be applicable, as it excludes used goods), the transportation agency and/or the insurer may accept a sworn declaration of value: Sworn Declaration of Value.

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